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of brand followers are likely to make a purchase in the future
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How works

Drive purchases, followers, and clients with social media
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Take the stress out of social media marketing
and let us do the work instead of you.

7 minutes - registration

Provide your email, choose the number of social network accounts,
and make the payment. After that, complete a brief questionnaire.

7 hours - analysis and content creation for you

Experts and AI conduct competitor analysis, prepare a strategy, write texts,
create graphics. And you receive ready-made posts for 4 weeks ahead.

3 minutes - connecting accounts in social networks

A few clicks - and you connect your social networks.
Automatic publication begins next Monday.

Cooperation and Support

Creating awesome social media content for businesses is a proprietary social media
AI autopilot that creates and publishes content on social networks instead of you

Let's do
  • The unified personal style of posts
  • Create graphics and texts
  • Social media posts for 4 weeks ahead
  • Automatic posting to your accounts
Like magic
  • Just 15 minutes of your time per month
  • Autopilot runs without your input
Team of dedicated experts

Content creation strategists

Social media strategists

Designing creatives

AI-powered in-built tools

Neural networks for graphics and text

Competitive Field Analyser

Posting Time Scheduler

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Maximise your social media success
with awesome content was a real salvation when I decided to expand my business virality on social. My family-run business renders house cleaning services. was a real salvation when I gave birth to my second child and gave second child...
I’ve been subscribed to for eight months. I can't believe how much extra time I have now. Finally, my mind is free and I’m able to work on the things that are really important to my business. Nowadays, “content is king” to my busi...
Running social media for a web service is a heavy lifting unless you collab with We never managed to find such types of content that we would be able to reproduce over and over again which resulted in massive content gaps... is an innovative tool that helps to handle different social media accounts from one place. First, I want to stand out site content which clearly describes what the project is and what you can expect. I have to mention website design as well... is an asset for those struggling to get their social media profiles up and running! I set up a Google My Business account the moment I started my restaurant. I filled in the form to get the restaurant listed on Google Maps and t...
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More cost & time-efficient
than the alternatives

Achieve outstanding results on social media, save time and money by using $299
In-house Manager $2,222
Freelance $1,333
SMM Agency $1,600
Web Tools $622
By Yourself Priceless
Goals's dedicated experts know exactly which tactical goals should be set for your business on Facebook based on the industry you operate in Content Plan Our creatives will craft a content plan that will fit your business particularities Content Creation Customised posts will be generated based on your preferences such as tone of voice Scheduled Posting Delayed posting will be set up to reduce your participation in social media management to the minimum Coordination With, you discharge the burden of constantly supervising all the processes concerning social media management Analytics Analytics reports will be submitted on a regular basis for you to be in tune with the performance of your profiles
Goals $1,600 + various social media tools ($622), office space, laptop for overall social media management. Content Plan Content Creation Scheduled Posting Coordination Analytics
Goals Freelance social media strategist: $35/hr. Building a customized content strategy takes about 5 working hours, which is $175 in total. Content Plan Freelance social media content strategist: $20/hr. Gathering content ideas and putting them all together for a 30-day period takes about 8 hours, which is $160 in total. Content Creation Freelance copywriter: $20/hr and $320 in total. Freelance proofreader: $20/hr and $160 in total. Freelance graphic designer: $15/hr and $120 in total. Scheduled Posting Freelance social media manager: $18/hr and $72 in total + $20 monthly for a social media management tool that features delayed posting and statistics analysis. Coordination Freelance social media manager: $18/hr. $270 in total for 15 weekly hours spent on bidding and coordinating the other freelancers listed above. Analytics Freelance social media manager: $18/hr. $36 in total for 2 hours of crafting an analytics report.
Goals $1,200 + $400 surprise additional services costs Content Plan Content Creation Scheduled Posting Coordination Analytics
Goals There are no such tools that offer tactical goal-setting and content plan development. Content Plan Content Creation Copywriting platform like Zerys: $560/mo. Online proofreading assistant like Grammarly: $30/mo. Design platform like Canva: $12/mo. Scheduled Posting $20 for social media management tool featuring delayed posting and statistics analysis. Coordination Analytics
Goals 2 dark circles under your eyes after about a week of sleepless nights you spent on learning how to set goals for a Facebook Business Page just to get down to setting them Content Plan 1 hateful kid with a bad parent that missed their whole sports season at school Content Creation 2 ruined family trips at weekends that were supposed to reunite family members but led to a huge scandal because of your absent gaze Scheduled Posting 12 date nights with your phone which now seems to be even more needy than your partner Coordination 3+ mental breakdowns apart from those you got from other life spheres Analytics A truckload of misinterpretation that led to the wrong strategic adjustments
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Best Product for Digital Marketing
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Best Social Media Marketing Tools
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Make your brand the talk of the town on social media

Stand out on social media and get people talking about your brand
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