Entering the new year with a new name: CONTENIVE becomes Conte.ai

by Conte.ai 3 minutes read updated on December 29, 2022

As time passes, our experience grows, and so does our ability to reflect and realise our mistakes. This happens to people, and this happens to companies too, as they consist of people who make choices and decisions. One of the choices that we at CONTENIVE regret and want to apologise for is the name selected for the company.

When choosing a name for the company, one should take into account many factors. We focused on the fact that our company’s name should be representative of what we do - and should contain something in connection to ‘content’ - which makes sense since we deal with content creation, content publishing, and content analysis. We have checked this theory through our focus groups, and the response was positive.

What we didn’t try, though, was to ask general questions about how easy it was to read and remember this name. As a result, it was often confused with or remembered as ‘contentive’, ‘connective’, ‘contactive’, and was mispronounced. Both our existing and new clients got confused, which made us reconsider. We have realised our mistake, and we have taken steps to solve it.

Due to numerous customer requests, we have decided to change our name to Conte.ai. We want to apologise to all our users and thank them for the valuable feedback that makes us grow and improve. We appreciate your understanding!

old logo Contenive - new logo Conte.ai

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