The Overall Guide How to Conduct An Instagram Audit

by 17 minutes read updated on January 10, 2023

It takes effort to develop a solid brand for your clientele on Instagram. You need a well-defined approach if you want to achieve better outcomes and surpass customer expectations.

Performing an Instagram audit is the best method to start creating your strategy.

You can use an audit to determine whether your clients are maximising their Instagram marketing efforts and achieving their business and marketing objectives.

This post will walk you through the process of conducting an Instagram audit for a customer. Additionally, to help you generate a thorough report, we've created a simple printable checklist of the Instagram audit questions.


What Is An Instagram Audit?

An Instagram audit is an opportunity to determine whether your account is in line with your company's objectives.

You can use an Instagram audit to see whether your posts, stories, videos and Reels are advancing the principles and voice of your business within your sector.

The goal of your Instagram content is to fulfil your brand's objectives. You can find out more about the effectiveness of your Instagram campaign by conducting an audit.

Instagram is one of the important aspects of attracting attention to a brand, a real challenge for creatives that is well rewarded.

Why Is An Instagram Audit Important?

Your online activity as a brand or company has to align with your marketing objectives.

During an audit, you will examine every facet of your profile and account on the social media platform. Any material that is bad for your brand or isn't performing as well as you'd anticipated will be obvious to you.

If you are under pressure to produce material for posting every day, it can be difficult to stay on track with your goals, and it's easy to get lost.

You can get your account back on track with an audit.

Benefits Of  An Instagram Audit

Benefits Of  An Instagram Follower Audit

Four significant insights can be gained from a thorough examination of your followers' demographics:

  • Your number of fake followers
  • What is the gender and age of your followers on average
  • Your followers’ preferences
  • How many influencers do you have following you?

You can enhance the perception of your business and gain a more precise understanding of who your followers are by spotting and deleting phoney followers. Then you can plan content initiatives that are more suited to your base by looking into the demographics, preferences and dislikes of your followers.

Benefits Of Instagram Content Audits

It's quite simple to fall into a routine of consistently providing the same kind of material without understanding that it is unproductive and not worth the time and effort. An Instagram content audit aims to stop this issue in its tracks.

What's working, and why? These are the two questions that a good content audit will answer. Although it's helpful to know what sorts of posts perform well, it's even more crucial to understand why those articles are successful. An Instagram content audit lets you discard ineffective material and shift your focus to more fruitful tactics.

Benefits Of Instagram Profile Audits

In order to make sure that everyone who views your profile page understands the objective of your company, an Instagram profile audit looks at the branding on your page. Because there is a smaller amount of material to cover—your profile image, bio, link in bio, highlights, and whether your profile has a recurring theme—profile audits are a little easier than other types.

DHL global Instagram pagesource: @dhl_global

How to Conduct An Instagram Audit

Now that you know what an Instagram audit is, let's examine it in more detail and delve deeper into this uncharted realm.

Below, we'll walk you through how to conduct an Instagram audit. This step-by-step tutorial will undoubtedly help you understand how to do it.

Set Your Goals and KPIs

When conducting an audit, there are various aspects you need to consider. Don't worry; we'll provide detailed guidance so you can maximise your audit’s usefulness.


You must be completely aware of the aims of your Instagram account to conduct an audit.
Your objectives should match and support the business goals you have for your brand.

What role does Instagram marketing play in your larger marketing plans? Are those objectives being met by your account?

You should be asking the following questions:

  • How did your account do during the previous six months?
  • Is your brand being positively represented by the content?
  • Can you reach your intended audience with your account?
  • What type of material is successful? What information isn't?
  • Is engagement on your account meeting your expectations?
  • What are Important Performance Metrics for your account?

Your Key Performance Indicators – KPIs – are related to your objectives and will let you know if your account is operating as you had anticipated.

Your Instagram audit will allow you to assess whether real progress is being made toward your objectives.

The following stats may be crucial for your Instagram account:
Follower attraction: Have you gained any new followers in the past three or six months?
Audience interactions: Does your audience like and share your posts?
Traffic conversions: Do profile visitors visit your website(s) after clicking on your call to action?

Your marketing strategy will determine your KPIs and targets, which need to be reviewed frequently. When conducting an Instagram audit, you should carefully examine the data from your account and compare it with your goals.

Audit your IG branding

Because you want to provide a specific image to your followers, a commercial Instagram account frequently differs from a personal one. Your representation will be in line with how you want people to view your company. Maybe you want people to view you as professional, or maybe you want to come across as approachable and friendly.

Examine all aspects of your Instagram profile, such as your profile picture, preferred colour scheme, language utilised, types of images posted, captions, hashtags and follower interactions. You want everything to reflect your brand and express the right tone.

Without having to read more than a few posts, your audience ought to be able to tell who you are and what you have to offer.

The perception of your brand and the people who choose to follow it can be greatly influenced by something as minor as the colours you choose.

Kate Spade New York Instagram page


Unbirthday Instagram pagesource: @unbirthday

Design Within Reach Instagram Page source: @designwithinreach

Sheraton Hotels Instagram Pagesource: @sheratonhotels

Analyse Your Profile

Your Instagram profile should provide visitors with a clear understanding of who you are. Your profile image, username, bio, link in bio, highlights and the presence of a recurring theme can all be used to assess your branding.

Profile Picture

Because Instagram is primarily a visual site, you should make sure that your profile photo is appealing and clearly conveys what your company stands for. In most cases, your logo will serve best for this reason. Your entire profile will suffer if your profile image doesn't give the right first impression.

Starbucks Instagram Pagesource: @starbucks


In addition to communicating your business identity, your username should be simple to remember. When completing an Instagram audit, make sure your username is consistent with your brand. However, unless it's absolutely necessary, don't alter your username, as this might make it more difficult for your present followers to discover you.


Your Instagram bio, which is restricted to 150 characters, should sum up your company's mission and draw viewers in.

Aliexpress Instagram Pagesource: @aliexpress

PureWow Book Club Instagram Pagesource: @purewowbookclub

Fashionnova Instagram Pagesource: @fashionnova

Give the following answers some thought:

  • Is my bio on Instagram true to form and consistent across all platforms?
  • Is the "My Name" field accurate?
  • Does my Instagram bio clearly describe who I am and what my business does?
  • Have I used terms that are specific?
  • Am I using link optimization (link to the article Link in Bio) for my bio?

Link In Bio

Making the most of your Instagram bio is crucial since you are only allowed to place one link there. However, now that so many new link-in-bio options are available, you don't have to choose between connecting to your free trial page or your newsletter registration page.

You can direct your followers to a variety of pages with a single link by using a service like Services like this display a landing page containing links to other pages to anyone who clicks your link.

Link tools are a crucial component of Instagram marketing if you want to significantly increase the potential of a single link. During your audit, carefully examine whether it might be worthwhile to purchase a link-in-bio tool if you aren't already utilising one.

Links in Bio on Instagram can be extremely useful, so that once your audience is interested in you - they can go straight to your resources. How do you make them as good as possible? Here are the answers.


Instagram highlights are stored stories that are displayed at the top of your profile, just below your bio and above your posts. Highlights are advantageous because they allow you to draw attention to some of your greatest pieces without having to wait for readers to navigate through all your material and locate them.

Instagram Highlights is a very subtle and useful option that can be approached creatively and make it easier for your audience to navigate. If you need some good tips, you'll find them here.

Consider whether your highlights are conveying the right message when putting together your Instagram audit report. Highlights are frequently used by visitors to decide whether or not they want to see more, so you should make sure they're interesting, informative and true to your brand.

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Profile Consistency

Profile consistency treads the narrow line between your content audit and your profile audit. The first thing viewers notice when viewing your profile will be the aesthetic. This covers both the overall appearance and feel of your content as well as all the profile components we just discussed.

You'd be sending conflicting messages, for instance, if your Instagram account was @neonlightshouse, and your profile photo was neon-vibrant, but all your posts were black and white. This is an example of an inconsistent profile aesthetic.

Make sure your profile adheres to a consistent design or concept that complements your business as a whole. This is not something you should disregard because consistent brand presentation has been connected to a 33% boost in sales.

Pantone Instagram Pagesource: @pantone

Review the Content You Share on Instagram

At this stage of the Instagram audit, you should review your most recent material to see what has been successful and what hasn't.

Consider the why as well. Has the poor quality of certain posts contributed to their failure? Or maybe it's just that they diverged from your brand message? What exactly did you do well in your most popular blogs, and how can you do it more often? If you have tried a variety of content types, decide which has been most effective for you, whether it was videos or static posts. If you believe there is more you could do to offer unique and engaging material on your account, ask yourself that question and start coming up with ideas.

Review your hashtag strategy

Hashtags are crucial if you want to grow your following. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags, although 20 seems to be the optimum number.

Let's begin with some fundamental hashtag questions:

  • Am I choosing hashtags that are appropriate for my brand and audience?
  • Do I often use at least one hashtag that is associated with my brand?
  • Am I utilising specialised hashtags rather than those with a large volume of posts?

It is crucial that you pick hashtags that are pertinent to the picture or video you are posting. Instagram has a negative view of accounts that consistently utilise the same set of hashtags in their posts. As part of your Instagram audit, check that you have been deploying hashtags in your previous posts and modifying them sufficiently.

Ideally, you want to come up with a few hashtags unique to your company. You'll hopefully be able to persuade your audience to utilise them over time. Instagram Hashtags Guide gives you more information about the ideal hashtag usage.

Remember to use smaller, more specialised hashtags with engaged audiences that are pertinent to your sector rather than the most widely used hashtags on Instagram.

Look at your posting frequency and schedule

Remember to take into account what time you post to Instagram! Although the new Instagram algorithm has made publishing time less important, you should still try to plan your content to go live when your audience is most likely to be using the app—this will increase interaction.

To find out what time is best to share your material, experiment with your posting schedule or check the Instagram Insights page within the app to see when your followers are most active.

  • Observe the most effective posting periods and plan your material appropriately.
  • Try other posting days and times.
  • Try out different posting schedules.
  • Establish a posting schedule and stick to it. 
  • Create a method to ensure that you post frequently.

source: @instagram

Audit your Instagram engagement

Next, it is critical to conduct an Instagram engagement assessment. Regardless of whether you represent a company or an influencer on Instagram, consider the following questions:

  • Are my direct messaging and commenting active?
  • Do I follow brands and artists who share my interests?
  • Do I communicate with other accounts?
  • Is user-generated content something I'm gathering?
  • Do I keep track of who my most devoted fans are?

Although everyone's definition of engagement will differ, it ultimately boils down to engaging in a dialogue with your followers.

Building a community on Instagram requires interacting with users, whether that means setting aside an hour every other day to engage with accounts that are similar to your own or spending 30 minutes responding to DMs every morning.

Responding to tagged posts that are connected to your business is equally crucial. Because these consumers care enough about your brand to post about it, you ought to show them some appreciation.

Additionally, you may want to repost user-generated material that you are tagged in to your feed or story, provided it aligns with your Instagram objectives. This frequently encourages your community to continue to spread the word and discuss your product: a win-win situation!

Remove fake followers

There will undoubtedly be a group of fake followers on every Instagram account. 

Since they can lower your interaction rate (% of people who interact with your content among all your followers), it is advisable to remove these accounts from your following. Instagram tracks how many accounts engage with your most recent post after you upload it, as well as how many of your followers see it. If this sample shows that your post is performing well, the platform will probably suggest it to other users.

On the other hand, if it doesn't perform well because the accounts that see it don’t engage, you may see a gradual drop in impressions and reach.

Thankfully, it's simpler than you might think to identify a ghost follower, often known as a false or inactive account.

  • Usually, their username appears odd or contains many letters.
  • A high following count while having little followers.
  • Additionally, fake accounts are likely to lack a profile photo and postings.

source: @instagram

So you now need to purge false and inactive followers from your Instagram account. Although there are several Instagram bot checker applications available, in our opinion, it is not safe to use software to ban bot accounts as you run the risk of removing real accounts of followers who simply don't want to post themselves.

Sadly, your only choice is to personally remove any accounts you believe to be false or inactive, using the aforementioned standards as a guide. When you can gradually see your engagement rate rise, it will be worth the effort spent on this procedure.

You can use an application like Hype Auditor's free false follower analyser to get a ballpark estimate of the percentage of inactive or fake followers you have. That will allow you to determine how many ghost accounts you need to erase and how frequently they follow your page.

Next, you may want to set aside time to comb through your followers one at a time and remove any pages that seem dubious. To easily remember where you left off, Instagram allows you to browse your followers alphabetically. Use the search box at the top of your profile after clicking Followers on your profile page.

source: @instagram

Blocking accounts that often follow and unfollow your account is another option. These accounts might eventually affect your metrics since they don't reflect real social media interaction.

Review your growth strategies

If you want to expand your account on Instagram, it might seem like a competitive environment for creative companies.

Consider the following inquiries for yourself:

  • Does my Instagram material receive cross-promotion on other platforms?
  • Am I maximising discoverability by utilising hashtags?
  • Am I working to provide sponsored content?
  • Is it my intention to conduct freebies, takeovers, and other co-marketing initiatives with complementary brands?
  • Do I have Instagram advertisements running, or do I boost Instagram posts?
  • Is it true that I made my own Instagram Stories AR or GIF effects?

If you aren't yet leveraging hashtags and cross-promotion on your other social media platforms to develop your brand or business on Instagram, you might want to start small.

A terrific method to introduce your account to a fresh and engaged audience that you may have never reached before is by collaborating with like-minded companies and influencers.

Users are more likely to click the Follow button on your Instagram profile if they were directed there by an influencer or company that aligns with your target market's interests.

Remember, collaborations don't have to be difficult or expensive!
Who you collaborate with is more crucial; the partnership should benefit all parties, including you, your partner and your audience.


To conduct your Instagram audit, you can use the step-by-step instructions and checklist provided above. Naturally, this is not an exhaustive list. As you go along, you may want to focus on different factors.

But at the very least, you should check these items.

When should you carry out your Instagram audit? Although there are no strict guidelines, we advise conducting one once a month or every few months as your company or brand develops and works to enhance your account.

By doing so, you're actively evaluating the actions you're taking as opposed to simply posting stuff automatically.

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