Tweet Like a Pro: 20 Creative Ideas for Posting on Twitter to Boost Your Business

by 25 min read upd on Feb 28, 2023

In today's digital age, social media platforms are crucial for businesses to establish their online presence and connect with customers. Among these platforms, Twitter stands out as a powerful tool that allows businesses to reach a broad audience, build their brand, and engage with potential customers. 

However, despite its immense potential, many businesses struggle to create engaging Twitter content that resonates with their target audience. If you find yourself in this situation, fear not! In this article, we will provide you with 20 great ideas for Twitter posts that can help you enhance your online presence, drive engagement, and ultimately, grow your business. 

Whether you're new to Twitter or looking to revamp your existing strategy, these ideas will help you create compelling Twitter content that resonates with your followers and helps you achieve your business goals. So, let's dive in and explore the various ways you can use Twitter to take your business to the next level!


Why It’s Important to be on Twitter

Among all social media platforms, Twitter has emerged as a powerhouse, boasting a whopping 206 million monetizable users every single day. This means that Twitter presents a significant opportunity for businesses to connect with a vast audience and potentially convert them into paying customers.

However, it's important to note that Twitter's user demographic is skewed towards younger people, with most users being under 29 years of age and residing in urban areas. Therefore, if your business model targets this demographic, then being on Twitter is a no-brainer. By establishing a presence on Twitter, you can effectively reach and engage with your target audience, build brand awareness, and ultimately drive sales.

Moreover, being on Twitter provides businesses with an opportunity to showcase their brand's personality and interact with their followers in a more informal setting. By creating compelling content and engaging with your followers, you can establish a loyal fanbase that can act as brand ambassadors, helping to increase your reach and drive organic growth. In short, being on Twitter can be a game-changer for businesses that are looking to expand their online presence and reach a wider audience.

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How Often Should You Post on Twitter?

When it comes to Twitter, one question that many marketers ask is how often they should be posting. Unlike other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, where one post per day is sufficient, Twitter is a unique platform with a different set of best practices.

Twitter's algorithm ensures that its feed moves incredibly quickly, which means that posts have a shorter lifespan compared to other platforms. This fast-paced environment requires businesses to be more active and post more frequently to ensure that their content remains visible and relevant.

According to Twitter best practices, businesses should aim to post at least 10 times a day and can even go up to 20-30 times a day or more. This may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. By using a mix of optimal time for posting, original content, retweets, and curated content, businesses can keep their Twitter feed active without overburdening their marketing team.

Furthermore, posting frequently on Twitter helps businesses to stay top of mind with their followers and increase their reach. By regularly posting valuable Twitter content, businesses can attract more followers, increase engagement, and drive traffic to their website, ultimately leading to increased sales.

What Types of Tweets Work Best for Twitter?

Twitter is a powerful platform that offers businesses a unique opportunity to connect with their target audience and build their brand. However, to be successful on Twitter, businesses need to create content that resonates with their followers and drives engagement. So, what types of tweets work best for Twitter?

  • First and foremost, businesses should focus on creating content that is relevant, valuable, and informative to their followers. This can include sharing industry news, tips and tricks, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and exclusive offers. By providing valuable content, businesses can establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry, build credibility, and attract more followers.
  • Another effective strategy is to leverage the power of visuals. Tweets with images, videos, and GIFs tend to get more engagement than text-only tweets. Visual content is more likely to catch the attention of users scrolling through their feed and can help businesses to stand out from the competition.
  • Hashtags are also an essential component of Twitter marketing. Using relevant and popular hashtags can help businesses to reach a broader audience and increase their visibility. However, it's essential to use hashtags strategically and not overdo it, as this can come across as spammy and turn off potential followers.
  • Finally, businesses should take advantage of Twitter's interactive features, such as polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions. These features allow businesses to engage with their followers and get feedback on their products or services. This can help businesses to improve their offerings and build stronger relationships with their customers.

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20 Engaging Ideas for What to Post on Twitter

Now that we've discussed why it's important to be on Twitter, how often to tweet, and what types of tweets work best, let's dive into what you should actually be posting on the platform:

Your Products and Services 

Are you looking for ideas to post on Twitter? With 93% of people who follow businesses on Twitter planning to buy from them in the future, it's a platform you can't afford to ignore. 

One idea is to showcase your best-selling products. Your followers are already interested in your brand, so why not give them a nudge and let them know about the products they're most likely to love? You can post product photos, reviews, and even special offers to entice them to make a purchase. 

source: SamsungMobile


If you're looking to build trust and credibility with your followers, here is a great idea for Twitter posts: sharing testimonials and reviews is a great way to do it. Testimonials are a powerful form of social proof that can help demonstrate the value of your products or services. By showcasing the positive experiences of your customers, you can give potential customers the confidence to make a purchase.

When sharing testimonials on Twitter, you can use a variety of formats to make them more engaging. You might post a quote from a happy customer, along with a photo or video of the product they purchased. Alternatively, you could create a visual graphic featuring several testimonials, or even a short video that showcases the experiences of multiple customers.

source: Sephora

Industry News

As a business owner, it's important to stay on top of industry news and trends. Twitter is an ideal platform for keeping up with the latest developments and demonstrating your expertise to your followers. By sharing industry news and insights, you can show your followers that you're engaged with the wider business community and that you're committed to providing value to your customers.

When sharing industry news on Twitter posts, there are a few different approaches you can take. One option is to simply retweet relevant posts from other thought leaders in your industry. This can help demonstrate that you're engaged with the latest developments and that you're committed to staying on top of emerging trends.

Another approach is to share your own insights and opinions on industry news. This can help position your business as a thought leader in your space, and can give your followers valuable insights and perspectives on the latest developments. Whether you're commenting on a new product launch or providing analysis of a major industry trend, sharing your own opinions can help establish your business as a go-to source for insights and expertise.

source: socialmedia2day

Product Teaser Tweets

If you're looking to generate excitement and buzz around your products by using ideas for posts on Twitter: product teaser tweets can be an effective strategy. By sharing sneak peeks and hints about upcoming releases, you can build anticipation among your followers and create a sense of excitement around your brand.

To make your product teaser tweets more effective, consider revealing a series of teasers that provide new information with each post. For example, you might start by sharing a cryptic message or image that hints at your upcoming release, followed by a more detailed description of the product, and finally, a specific launch date or promotional offer.

By using a series of teasers, you can keep your followers engaged and build momentum towards your launch. This approach can help generate interest and excitement among your audience, and can make your product launch more successful as a result.

source: LOrealParisUK

Motivational Quotes

If you're looking to inspire and motivate your followers on Twitter, sharing motivational quotes can be a great idea. This approach can work particularly well for organisations that are political, journalistic, or advocacy-based, as it can help reinforce your principles and ideas and position your brand as a thought leader in your space.

When sharing motivational quotes on Twitter, it's important to choose quotes that align with your organisation's values and beliefs. You might look for quotes from thought leaders in your industry or famous figures who embody the values and principles that your organisation stands for.

source: VictoriasSecret


If you're looking to showcase the human side of your brand and engage with your followers on Twitter, sharing user-generated content (UGC) is a good strategy. UGC refers to content created by your customers or followers, such as photos, videos, or testimonials that showcase your products or services.

By sharing UGC on Twitter, you can demonstrate the value and quality of your offerings, while also building a sense of community and engagement among your followers. Additionally, UGC can help to humanize your brand and make it more relatable to your audience.

To make the most of UGC on Twitter, be sure to ask for permission before sharing any content created by your followers. 

source: Adobe

Compelling Questions

Twitter users are often highly opinionated, and they may be eager to share their thoughts and insights in response to a well-crafted question. And even if the responses you receive don't directly benefit your business, the engagement generated by your questions can still be beneficial in terms of boosting your visibility on the platform and building a sense of community with your followers.

To make the most of compelling questions on Twitter, be sure to keep your questions focused and relevant to your brand or industry. Consider asking open-ended questions that allow your followers to share their opinions and insights, and be sure to respond to their replies in a timely and respectful manner. With the right approach, asking compelling questions can be an effective way to engage your followers and build a stronger presence for your business on Twitter.

source: adidas

GIFs and Memes

Using GIFs and memes can be a fun and effective way to engage your audience on Twitter. With the platform's focus on short-form content, incorporating these types of visual elements can help your tweets stand out and grab your followers' attention.

Jumping on viral memes can be a great way to join in on the conversation and show your followers that your brand is up-to-date and in touch with the latest trends.

However, it's important to use these visual elements judiciously and with an eye toward your brand's overall messaging and image. Make sure the GIFs and memes you choose align with your brand's values and tone, and avoid using anything that could be seen as offensive or insensitive. With the right approach, using GIFs and memes can be a creative and effective way to engage your audience on Twitter and help your brand stand out in a crowded social media landscape.

source: AEO

Special Offers and Discounts

One of the most effective ways to drive sales and build loyalty among your Twitter followers is by offering exclusive promos and discounts. By providing special offers to your Twitter audience, you can create a sense of exclusivity and urgency, encouraging them to make a purchase sooner rather than later.

When creating your Twitter promos and discounts, be sure to make them appealing and relevant to your target audience. Consider offering limited-time discounts or free shipping for a certain period. You could also run a contest or giveaway on Twitter, which can help to drive engagement and increase brand awareness. Just be sure to clearly communicate the rules and eligibility criteria to avoid any confusion.

source: Starbucks

New Content from Other Channels

One of the most effective ways to share your company’s knowledge and ideas is through your blog content. By posting your blog content on Twitter, you can reach a wider audience and drive traffic back to your website. Make sure to use eye-catching headlines and include a shortened link to the blog post.

In addition to promoting your blog content, you can also share content from other channels such as YouTube or Instagram. This is a great way to keep your Twitter feed diverse and engaging for your followers. Sharing content from other channels also helps to establish your company as a thought leader in your industry, as it shows that you are staying up-to-date with the latest news and trends.

source: Clinique_UK

Helpful Tips

Twitter has become a go-to platform for businesses to connect with their audience. A great way to make the most of this platform is to share helpful tips or on-brand messages with your followers. By doing so, you can educate and inform your audience while simultaneously promoting your brand.

Your tweets don't necessarily have to link back to a specific blog post. Instead, you can use Twitter to share one-off tips and tricks that your audience will find useful. For instance, if you run a skincare business, you could tweet general skincare tips. A fitness studio, on the other hand, could tweet about exercises and healthy food to inspire and motivate their followers. The possibilities are endless – the key is to identify what your audience would find helpful and relevant to your brand. By sharing helpful tips and on-brand messages, you'll not only increase engagement with your followers but also establish yourself as a trusted source of information within your industry.

source: Cyberdost 

Respond to Complaints, Comments and Questions

In the world of Twitter, customer service is everything. In order to keep your followers happy, you need to be responsive and attentive to their needs. One way to do this is by replying to mentions. When someone mentions your brand, it means that they are actively engaging with you, and it’s important to respond in a timely manner. Whether it’s a positive or negative comment, it’s important to acknowledge and respond to each mention.

Replying to mentions is also a great way to thank your loyal fans who promote your business on Twitter. You can take this opportunity to show your appreciation and strengthen your relationship with your followers. And don’t be afraid to engage with those who have negative comments. Responding with tact and empathy can often turn a negative situation into a positive one. By searching your company’s name in the search bar, you can find relevant tweets that mention your brand even if you aren’t directly tagged in them. This is a great way to find new opportunities to engage with your followers and stay on top of what people are saying about your brand on Twitter.


Ask for Reviews & Recommendations

Asking for customer feedback is an excellent way to show your audience that their opinions matter. Whether it’s a simple product review or feedback on their experience with your business, requesting customer feedback can be a valuable source of insight for improving your business. Twitter provides an easy way to ask for feedback, as users can quickly reply to your tweet with their thoughts. 

Additionally, publicly acknowledging and addressing any issues or complaints can show your followers that you’re committed to providing excellent customer service. Not only does this build trust and loyalty with your existing customer base, but it can also attract new customers who are looking for businesses that genuinely care about their customers' feedback.

Job openings

Are you looking for new hires for your company? Why not leverage your Twitter followers and let them know that you're hiring! Posting job openings on Twitter can be a great way to attract new prospects that are already brand loyal. If you work in a specific niche or industry, chances are that many of your followers are part of that same industry and may be valuable talent for your company.

When posting job openings on Twitter, be sure to include relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of your post to a wider audience. You can also ask your followers to retweet the job opening to spread the word even further. This can be a cost-effective way to reach potential hires without spending money on job board postings or recruitment agencies. Remember to provide clear information on the job position, qualifications, and how to apply, as well as any company benefits or perks that may be appealing to potential candidates.

Highlight Standout Employees

When it comes to promoting your business on Twitter, it's not just about the products and services you offer. It's also about the people who make it all happen. That's why highlighting standout employees on Twitter can be a great way to showcase your company culture and attract new customers and talent. Whether it's recognizing an employee of the month, celebrating a work anniversary, or sharing a noteworthy accomplishment, these posts not only boost staff morale but also give your audience a glimpse into the people behind your brand.

Sharing these types of posts on Twitter can also help build a sense of community and engagement with your followers. By showing that you value your employees and their contributions to your company, you're also showing that you value your customers and their support. So don't be shy about highlighting your standout staff on Twitter. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

source: Huawei_Europe


If you're planning an event, Twitter is an excellent platform to promote it. Whether it's an in-person or virtual event, sharing event details on Twitter will get the word out to your followers and beyond. You can use Twitter to share event schedules, registration information, and details on special guests or keynote speakers.

But even if you're not hosting your own event, Twitter is still a great platform to promote your attendance at an industry conference or other events. Sharing your excitement and plans for the event can generate buzz, and connect you with other attendees before you even arrive. It's also an opportunity to share photos and highlights from the event with your followers, giving them a peek into your industry and your work. Overall, using Twitter to share your involvement in events is a great way to network and connect with others in your field.

source: HondaUKBikes

Behind the Scenes

Twitter can be a great platform for businesses to showcase their behind-the-scenes moments. Fans and followers love seeing what goes on beyond the brand's official facade. Sharing photos, videos, or even text updates about the team, the office, or how products are made can help build a connection with your audience.

Additionally, providing a glimpse into your work culture and values can give your business an edge over competitors. If your team has unique hobbies, volunteer work, or other interesting aspects of their lives, consider tweeting about them. Giving your audience a personal look into the people behind the brand can help to humanise your business and make it more relatable.

Trending Topics

Twitter is known for its trending topics, and businesses can use this to their advantage. By jumping on trending topics, brands can increase their reach and potentially attract new followers. However, it's important to be cautious when using this strategy. Brands should make sure they fully understand the trending topic before tweeting about it and ensure that it's relevant to their brand.

Jumping on a trending topic can be a great way to show that your brand is current and engaged with what's happening in the world. However, it's important to approach this strategy with sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Brands should make sure that the topic is appropriate for their audience and that they aren't inadvertently causing offense or appearing tone-deaf. By staying attuned to the conversation on Twitter and approaching trending topics with care, brands can use this strategy to their advantage.

Answers to FAQ

Twitter can be a great platform to provide quick answers to frequently asked questions. By repurposing the questions and answers from your FAQ page into bite-size Twitter content, you can easily anticipate and address your audience's needs. This can help to build trust and credibility with your followers by showing them that you are actively listening to their concerns and questions.

When creating this type of content, be sure to keep your tweets concise and easy to understand. Use clear language and provide specific details when necessary. You can also use visual aids like images or videos to help illustrate your points. By addressing common questions on Twitter, you can save time for your customer service team and provide valuable information to your followers.


In conclusion, Twitter can be a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience, build brand awareness, and drive engagement. By using the ideas we've discussed in this article, businesses can create a varied and interesting content mix that keeps their followers engaged and coming back for more. 

Whether you're highlighting standout employees, sharing behind-the-scenes information, or participating in trending topics, the key is to keep your content relevant, interesting, and true to your brand. By using Twitter to its fullest potential, businesses can increase their reach, build brand loyalty, and ultimately drive success. 

So go ahead and start tweeting - the possibilities are endless!

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