The big pivot took place when we learned that our users didn't want to handle social media management themselves and would rather fully delegate this burden to someone else.

Alex Bogins CEO at Conte.ai
Once upon a time, back in 2020, Conte.ai's predecessor, a remarkable web service providing automated posting and other social media management features called POSTOPLAN, emerged.
A noble team of tech-savvy social media enthusiasts under the command of Alex Bogins, the CEO, worked tirelessly to develop the best solution for business owners and entrepreneurs to reduce the time spent on managing their business profiles.
That's how an innovative product was created, letting those managing multiple social media profiles reallocate their time and effort.
POSTOPLAN was a great success with its set of proprietary AI-powered tools, such as automated delayed posting, a graphics editor, in-depth statistics, and an inbox, which let users communicate with potential customers on different platforms from a single dashboard.
Similar web services tend to double or triple the number of users throughout the year; however, in 2021, POSTOPLAN attracted 14 times as many users as in 2020 and received more than 25 international MarTech awards.
In addition, the service was still expected to grow through 2022 when we noticed the following tendency: it was a common practice for a steady share of users that subscribed to POSTOPLAN to gradually reduce their posting frequency over the course of time.
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We are always making every effort to enhance our users' experience with the services we offer. Therefore, we conducted a survey among those users who had decreased their posting activity lately to find out if there was something we could do for them to keep forging ahead with their businesses' social media presence.
We learned that as many as 60% of users within this focus group were so stuck on content ideas that they simply had nothing to schedule at times
An additional survey was conducted among those users who were doing quite well with the frequency of their posting, revealing that few business owners were fully satisfied with the way social media issues were being managed for their business either because of high prices or poor results.
Some of them kept searching for affordable agency services that would help them maintain their social media presence. Some tried to employ in-house managers, a strategy that was inefficient, and some didn't have the budget to afford anything but a social media tool that assists in manually performing all the management tasks.
This was the first step in realising we needed to alter our product so as to make it more useful to business owners. We aimed to create an automated system that would take the whole content creation process off business owners’ backs and not just focus on mere management issues. Still, we wanted to keep things affordable.
Serhii Product owner
Our goal was to optimize our internal processes so as to offer quality content created for business profiles at a lower cost than any other instrument may offer.
That’s how we struck the right balance between artificial and human intelligence, which fused into a system that constitutes an affordable solution. Conte.ai is an asset for those businesses that don’t have the resources to employ an in-house SMM manager or a social media marketing agency but still want their content to be appealing to potential customers.

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