Customer Reviews

Kit Spencer
Patisserie owner
I own a small patisserie in my city. Recently, I decided to start running social media to promote the delivery of culinary delights on social networks. One of my friends recommended this service to me. I always trust him, so I decided to register on the platform.
For three months in a row, I have a dedicated expert, or a content manager, who is responsible for my pages on social networks and advertising services. He is able to create cute-looking and attractive posts, while the flow of new customers is constantly growing together with the total number of my sales.
My content manager was able to develop a content plan based on my requests; however, I did not approve the tiniest details of it. In fact, I have to confess that I am more than happy with everything I received. I would also like to highlight such important aspects of the platform as the easy-to-use and comprehensive interface (all functions are intuitive and clear), the simplicity of the task placement algorithm, the highest qualification and expertise of content managers, and affordable prices.
Another important factor is the lightning speed of the technical support. I had a serious question about available payment methods, and I received a detailed answer just 20 minutes after submitting my request via the feedback form. This platform offers amazing services of the highest quality. I totally recommend it.
Catherine Brown
Interior design boutique owner
Many thanks to's team for excellent work!
Not so long ago our company launched a collection of NFT, and in order to boost sales, we have to create a recognisable brand on Twitter and LinkedIn. Independently understanding the intricacies of maintaining corporate social networks is a waste of time and effort, so we decided to use
We were attracted by the innovative approach and the use of AI, as well as the opportunity to develop the brand on all popular platforms. Before starting to work, we filled out a questionnaire.
Then, a high-quality team is creating a post about NFT, technology and science and thanks to regular reports, we are able to control and adjust our strategy and launch the next NFT collections based on analytics from
Emerson Richards
Public accounting firm proprietor is perfect to boost up the sales and automate the social media marketing.
The prime thing about is that it is simple, easily understood and provides the best outcome.
Their AI technology not only directs my multiple social media profiles but assists me in proper and consistent posting schedule which saves time and increases the probability of business growth.
It has helped me groom my business by utilising less time and money.
Their high-quality content creation system really exceeded my expectations.
The subscription process is quite simple and affordable in comparison to the services being offered.
Brook Read
Specialty food business owner
Social media marketing is the best tool businesses can leverage today. I run three different businesses and fall short of time to advertise them on social media platforms. I came across this service from which takes care of all your needs if you do not have enough time.
I am super satisfied with their services as it gave a lot of exposure to my businesses, helped me gain 10% increase in new customers which was surprising. Their specialist is a PRO in this field and manages my account swiftly. They explained everything to me politely even if I asked them 100 questions. I would highly recommend their services to all my friends and contacts. is helping me with еру social media marketing requirements for my business. It has increased the visibility of my business amongst the target audience as well as helped me gain new customers.
Blake King
Charity organization co-founder
We are a charity organization operating with minimal administrative costs to maximise benefits for those in need. As effective social media presence has become imminent these days, we went for that but a lot of administration time was spent in brainstorming content, getting the right designs, choosing the perfect time for circulation and checking the results but still we weren’t getting the desired results. Heard about and got to say social media management has become much simpler. I like the service all in all, but particularly the following:
The expert’s content plan gives us an out-of-the-box perspective on prevailing social media trends associated with our industry and target demography.
Posting suggestions for various platforms supports content management to strike balance between too much/low.
Pricing is amazing considering the synergies the service is offering.
Gabe Mason
Supplements company owner has proven to be a valuable resource for me. I’ve recently launched two businesses in different areas, and advertising on social networks is simply a necessity for me. I tried to move forward on my own, but I couldn't drive much traffic, which is perhaps due to a lack of experience.
The marketing has finally begun to work thanks to this company. I went to their website and signed up; the questionnaire is short, so it didn't take long to complete. I added money to the account, then I started looking into the rules. Everything became clear when reading through it. I placed my purchase, stated exactly what I needed, and then waited for it to be fulfilled.
I liked the expert’s content plan, although it was not agreed in advance, and the result of their work pleased me: the customer turnover and the target audience’s interest increased significantly.
The service has fully proven itself. Several months have already passed since my registration, and I will continue to work with!
Skye Lewis
Mobile yoga business owner
I had tried to grow my media but sadly I didn't know much about anything related to that when I found They simplify social media management, create and publish your content.
They are amazing. Just let them handle all of your social media and they will do magic. My customers have increased by about 20%, and I have to admit that I am very satisfied with the results. The overall level of my prospective customers' awareness increased, so I don’t need to waste a lot of time to explain the basics.
You can engage with your audience and not worry about what is next or if you will have enough time for content creation. I am thrilled with their management and consistency towards the main goal. is a very user-friendly platform. It works great for scheduling posts, drafting them, and running the reports and analytics for clients. If you're running several platforms with multiple posts a day and have a lot of engagement, they will be a game changer for you.
It will save you so much time that the expense involved will be a very good investment. By far, one of the best social media management tools I've ever used. The subscription process seems to be very simple and it's worth it.
Alec Shaw
Construction supply company owner has made running social media pages a breeze for me. I had no idea that AI had already taken over the social media management industry until I discovered this platform, and as soon as I saw it, I purchased their plan to see if it really worked, and voila!
I personally manage two business-related social media pages. But, aside from my full-time job, I never really had enough time to manage those pages perfectly.
You are aware of the difficulties associated with managing social media pages including content research, copywriting, reaching out to target customers, creating designs, and so on. But I never had to look back after purchasing their plan from the very first day. Through the power of AI, it has automated all of my manual tasks.
This platform has a lot to offer and has made my life much easier. I will unquestionably recommend this platform.
Morgan Hawkins
Apparel business owner experts assisted us in providing the best services of a content manager who promoted our social media accounts on the Internet according to our business needs.
My team had a few social media pages of my clothing store on Facebook and Twitter. We contacted the team so that our social media pages can be regularly updated with content.
They have an excellent team of social media strategists, content creation strategists and copywriters to capture the customer's attention. The text copies are well-structured so they provide for increased engagement.
We are truly impressed and I will surely recommend for all those who don’t have much time and search for an easy way.
Ashton Baxter
Personal tax filing firm owner
I have been subscribed to for nearly five months after initially discovering it on ProductHunt, and I am so grateful I did. Although it is fairly new and there have been teething problems, the Customer Success team and developers are quick to react to any issues, and they are fixed promptly.
I was even asked to complete a short survey on the service currently being offered, and I had suggested that there could be a system for submitting and managing frequently used hashtags. I have since been informed that it should be implemented in the next month, so that is a big bonus. has made my social media planning a lot simpler because all the content is pre-composed and published to multiple channels without my participation.
There are also some nice touches like changing the interface theme between 10 themes so you can go darker (my personal favorite), lighter, or even more colorful.
All-in-all I am very impressed with I have researched and trialed many other services, but suits my requirements best and is also fairly priced.
I wish the team all the very best and continued success for years to come.
Danny Thompson
Restaurant owner
I was struggling with my restaurant business to achieve more sales, as I was managing it for around 8 months, sales comparatively were less than what was expected. I was hiring and firing numerous social media teams that tried to lift up my restaurant business but failed to do so.
When I came across, I did not feel confident as I hadn’t heard about the company and I thought they would not be as professional as they seemed on their website. But as soon as I signed up, I was immediately presented with a plan for how the Social Media Management of my restaurant will be carried out. As I was already overwhelmed with the creativity this company was possessing, I was presented with the Social Media plan, in which designers of the company changed my brand identity and business representation. I believe that was what the other companies were lacking. After this change was carried out my sales started culminating with a monthly increased percentage of more than 40%, and I was pleased with the efforts that they were making to make my business reach new limits. I would greatly recommend this company to everyone as they are very professional in their communication and delivering their promise.
Kai Smith
Fitness SaaS owner
I was interested in the new service for promoting and maintaining social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I do not have the time or desire to log onto each platform and manage the posts myself.
Becoming their client is easy: simply register and complete a questionnaire that includes questions about the company, industry, and other questions that will help the expert to understand your business.
Next, a project is created that will need to be promoted on a social network, which is Instagram in my case. Then, all the necessary information about the project is filled in. The expert accepts the order, works on it, submits the completed work to you, which you then accept once you’ve reviewed it. If not, you can send it back for a revision.
Fran Pearce
Handyman Repairs service owner
First of all, I would like to mention how easy it is to start cooperation with team. When I was looking for someone to contribute to our business, it was very important for me to not waste time explaining my needs. It's obvious that they have professionals in their team who have already done tons of similar tasks.
Steff Marsh
Web hosting SaaS founder made running social media much easier. I work in the real estate industry so it’s obvious that one has to keep posting content to keep telling people about the available opportunities and since we are a startup we don’t have a social media team.
That’s when I heard about from a friend, showed the product to my team and it seemed like a product worth investing in.
The subscription process was very simple and basic.’s AI keeps up with the social media algorithm (Facebook and Instagram post algorithm in our case) which ensures that your post gets the maximum audience. The Customer Service is always there to help and the best part is that you get your own dashboard where you can review the content that team posts for you and you can give feedback and even schedule when you want that post to be published. I highly recommend it to everyone!
Jamie Hopkins
Home painting business owner
This service has completely changed the way I used to run my business. Everything is online these days and the pandemic opened new doors through online portals for businesses. has helped me grow my business in many ways. Firstly it helped me with social media marketing which is definitely something we as a business must invest in. It gave my business new prospects as well as exposure amongst the target audience. It has helped me deliver timely information through social media management to my prospective customers. They are professionals who will help you in every manner to grow the business in the right direction through social media plans and strategies.
Harper Barrett
Herb farm owner
I would like to share my experience of working with
I discovered this service recently.
After I ran out of ideas for my social media posts, I decided to look for services that would help me get my content up and running. And again, to make it more consistent and of a higher quality.
I had a choice between continuing to search for topics to publish myself and spend a lot of time on it or take advantage of
The experts at were able to solve my problem in a matter of days. They thoroughly researched my niche. I had been writing about houseplants for a long time, which is my passion, and provided me with a detailed content plan, with quality images and friendly text, as I used to write myself.
Some areas needed tweaking but they took everything into account and made the necessary changes.
Now my Instagram will not be idle and my favourite followers will not go anywhere!
Many thanks to for your work!
Kris Dawson
Accessory store owner
This service has greatly simplified my work.
I am the co-owner of a small business selling branded accessories. I prefer to use Instagram and Facebook for advertising. Initially, I was responsible for our pages on social networks. I would design posts, publish new photos, and create engaging captions. However, keeping in mind the constantly growing level of sales, I simply have no time for these tasks, therefore, I decided to find an expert to delegate this part of my work.
Recently, I heard about the official launch of the platform which offers a wide range of promotion services on social networks. The entire registration procedure is simple. You need to indicate only the most basic information.
In addition, representatives of customer success always answer in a timely manner.
I have to highlight the fact that there is no risk. All payments are held by the platform until the successful completion of the project.
Florence Reese
Health consultations service owner
Fantastic tool for business marketing campaigns. A must-have gizmo that can simplify life.
Allows me to link five different social media channels.
Because of its user-friendly interface, you can administer numerous social media apps and websites from one tool.
Low cost of, when compared to other similar applications, makes it very favourable to use.
The expert's marketing method offers us a new angle on overall social media trends in our business and target audience.
Ryan Baker
Employee engagement platform co-founder
Overall: Social media is something that seems to be easy. Okay, I just write posts on Facebook, Instagram or whichever platform and that's it. But actually, it is not. It is about timing, about preferred target audience, you need to have a content plan, etc. Using’s AI solutions is something I would recommend to anyone out there who is new to social media and doesn't have time to focus on this part of business.
I like how is making life easier for us and is taking care of social media. It's 21st century, not having awesome social media engagement is not acceptable, and that is exactly what we get from cooperation with these guys.
Cory Matthews
Meditation app leader is a very useful social media management tool when you run several social networks. You can handle up to 5 social networking platforms in one place, saving you a lot. Schedule and publish your content in one step and rest assured that your social media platforms are being updated at regular intervals. It is a really useful tool for a nice price. If you do your business through social media I totally recommend trying this software.
Taylor Barnes
Construction cleaning business owner
A convenient program for people who work in SMM or have to manage several different social media accounts due to their business activity. Recently I have created a new Instagram account to promote my business through social media, and I faced difficulty with posting new material every day at the same time. With, I managed to solve the problem successfully.
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